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Information for Cottage Owners

We are always on the look out for fab places to add to our site. 

“We are delighted to have our holiday house featured on the Cool Cottages website. Jason Clark is a very experienced professional in the tourism industry and for a very modest fee Cool Cottages has raised our profile and we have had many bookings through the website whilst retaining control ourselves. I can strongly recommend a listing on Cool Cottages.”
David Grant, Owner Faire Chaolais (Morar)

How does work?

It’s pretty simple; we visit your cottage and write a review and publish it on the website along with some nice pics. We also promote your cottage via our extensive social media campaigns. Booking enquries go direct to you, no commission payments.

In order to review cottages fairly and do them justice we require to stay overnight, ideally 2 nights to get a real feel for the cottage and how everything works and an idea of the local area, things to do etc.

We would not expect to pay for this. There is a listing fee of £199 which is a contribution to our website, marketing and promotion costs. We are happy to promote offers and news via our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

However, we only stay when you have availability and not during high season or when you are likely to have bookings coming in. Sometimes we can travel at short notice if you have no bookings.

This is really up to you when it suits your business. Another issue is the time it takes to travel to your cottage. If its easily reached, then one night is usually ok, but more remote locations on the islands, or far north west Highlands take time to get there and one night is a struggle to give a fair and accurate review!

If we don’t like or don’t feel we can include your cottage then we will NOT publish a negative review or charge for a listing.

The reason why we’re looking for new properties to review is that we’re getting feedback that many of the places we have stayed and reviewed over the years are now so popular that visitors to the site cannot get availability when they want.

We want Cool Cottages Scotland to be a user friendly guide to some of the best cottages to stay in Scotland, in effect we want to save them time and effort trawling through the many self-catering cottage sites out there and offer an attractive listing of the best Scotland has to offer based on our knowledge and real experiences over the years. We would be happy to recommend all of the cottages selected on Cool Cottages Scotland to our friends and family.

Hopefully, you will get more interest and bookings for a very low cost, as the cottage would be empty when we came.

Simply get in touch below if your interested with provisional dates that would suit you for us to come over and visit.

“Cool Cottages reviewed two of our Forest Holidays locations in Scotland – Argyll and Strathyre cabins.

This raised our profile in Scotland and resulted in numerous bookings, which were tracked using an offer code. We highly recommend Cool Cottages.”

Sarah Elphick

Forest Holidays

Marketing Advice

Perhaps you need some help and advice especially if you are new to running your own holiday cottage.

We offer a fresh perspective on your marketing activities and suggest fast-acting and cost-effective solutions. Sometimes it’s the simple things that get missed – with our wide-ranging experience, we’ll spot anything you’ve overlooked.

Marketing Strategy

We’ll review your existing marketing strategy, plans and campaigns and provide a tailored action plan, based on your businesses specific needs and resources (both financial and, crucially, time).

We can help you maximise your marketing efforts and suggest cost- and time-effective strategies to ensure you get the most from your budget. We can help with some very cost effective solutions.

We know you can’t do everything, but what are key priorities in your marketing mix?

Tips and Best Practice

We can offer top tips and best practice advice on:

  • Digital marketing and social media strategy
  • Website overview
  • Brand design and development
  • Marketing print and collateral
  • Latest tourism research
  • Key industry trends and best practice

 Jason Clark (Tourism Consultant)

I’m a people orientated and first-rate marketeer who understands the tourism landscape; I can offer creative, highly practical and cost effective marketing solutions for tourism businesses.

I have been working in Scottish Tourism for over 15 years: winner of four Scottish Thistle Tourism Awards and holder of a number of key marketing positions in the industry, including Marketing Manager for Radical Travel, Haggis Adventures and Scottish Youth Hostels. I was also behind the brand development and launch of Contiki’s highly successful tourism brand ‘Highland Explorer Tours’.

Get in touch and see how we can help you.